096A0016By Comfort Mussa
I bear on my body the scars of a little girl who ‘played like a boy’.
Growing up, I was often described as “rough girl”.
Broken bones, torn skin came with the territories i played/fought in.

Some of the scars have faded with time but others are still there- a reminder of my beautiful rebellion.
Yes! It takes a rebellious spirit to be truly who you are.
Then i became a woman & tried to fit into what ‘woman’ should be, look like & do. I tried to change a lot of things to fit into the mould which society prescribed.
My society boxes in ” womanity” within the limits of how much you adore and want to have kids, wearing make up & jewelry etc. You can be woman and love football, newspapers,politics etc.

There is more than one way to be a woman.

I tried for a while but the girl in me, tells me ‘Comfort, woman is not a mould you fit into you. You are woman, you don’t perform womanhood’.
In high school when we talked about our dreams, i mentioned the kind of house i dreamed of owning and a guy i had a crush on, told me,  ‘ you dream like a boy’.
That killed the crush my teenage mind had for him  – LOL
I told some friends and they agreed and adviced me to be more ” ladylike ” in my dreams and perspectives.
It kept me confused & thinking, how should girls dream?

Then i concluded, i’ll dream on my own terms.

Let girls be.
Being is beautiful.
There’s no ladylike way to dream.
P.S -When you speak with the women and girls in your circles, please avoid tasking them to do things ” like girls or women”
They already are and do not need to perform womanhood.

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