Angwi and John’s Love story

By Comfort Mussa

Cameroonian journalist, Tangi Angwi recently got married to her boyfriend of two years, John Njamah, Nollywood Actor/Director and brother of Nollywood actress Empress Njamah.

The civil and traditional marriage took place in Bamenda. At the moment, Angwi is undoubtedly having the time of her life. In an interview with Sisterspeak237, Angwi shares their love story and speaks about her husband with such fondness.

Sisterspeak237:  I know it’s been just a few days now, but how has married life been for you so far?

Angwi: Haha! Honestly it has not been easy. I resumed work the very next day after the wedding so I have to shuttle between taking care of my husband, office duties and myself. Well I am up to the task. So far I believe I am doing a good job.

Sisterspeak237: How did you two meet?

Angwi Tangi & John NjamahAngwi: We met during a media conference here in Cameroon Limbe precisely, where John was one of the facilitators. After which we reconnected on Facebook (thank you social media)

Sisterspeak237: How did John ask you out?

Angwi: Let me see…..Did John ask me out?? We were just talking, getting to know ourselves, became best of friends and did not notice when the romance sparked off.

Sisterspeak237: Who said “I love you” first? What happened?

Angwi: As much as John believes he did… was me who said it first and at that point we realized we could not only rely on the phone calls, video chats, and text messages, so we had to meet again because this was a whole new ball game. Since John was busy with work and I was due leave from work, he booked me the next available flight to Lagos

IMG_0391Sisterspeak237: Tell us about your first date.

Angwi: Well it was nothing spectacular just a regular night out, at the silver Bird Cinema festival mall Festac Lagos.

Sisterspeak237: What was the first movie you saw together?

Angwi: FIFTY

Sisterspeak237: How long did you date before getting married?

Angwi: About a year!!

Sisterspeak237: When did you know that you would get married?

Angwi: April 2016 When John told me he was coming to celebrate his birthday in Cameroon (April 17th) and see my people.

Sisterspeak237: Tell us the story of how he proposed.

IMG_0383Angwi: Crazy Guy!! During his April visit to Cameroon, the morning before the day of the ”wine carrying” or “Knock Door” if you prefer I went into his room to tell him breakfast was set and he asked me “babes! Would you want me to propose??” And my answer was “if you don’t I will disown you in front of my people tomorrow” then he laughed so hard, went to his bag, took out the ring and asked me to sit on the bed, went down on one knee and popped the question (how weird…with my morning face and all)

Sisterspeak237: What three (or more) things made you fall in love with John?

Angwi: This question is difficult!! Hahahah because honestly… I don’t know. It’s just magical like that.

8-1Sisterspeak237:  I’m itching to hear more about your wedding. Was it a fairy tale kind of wedding?

Angwi: Yes it was because I was marrying my best friend, my knight in shining armor the man of my dream and the fact that his vows brought tears to my eyes. I cried.

Sisterspeak237:  Will you be relocating to Nigeria?

Angwi:Not anytime soon but yes.

It was great chatting with Angwi and from, we wish her the very best!



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