New York Times Calls Viola Davis ‘Less Classically Beautiful’

Viola Davis - Photo credit Darker-skinned. Less classically beautiful ….

This is how The New York Times TV critic Alessandra Stanley described Viola Davis in an article about Shonda Rhimes’ newest series “How to get away with Murder” . Viola is a beautiful and incredibly talented actress known for her work in Doubt, The Help, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby series, and many more. In ‘How to get away with Murder’ Viola Davis will be starring in an interesting and complex role of Annalise Keating, a formidable criminal defense lawyer and law professor

Less classically beautiful -What does this even mean? Compared to whom? It is true that black women featured in media are often lighter skinned. But that should not define what beauty or ‘classical beauty” is; neither should lead roles be limited to light skinned women. Beauty comes in all shades, shapes and sizes

The #LessClassicallyBeautiful hashtag is trending on Twitter now. Women and men are commenting, sharing pictures and taking New York times to task for the piece.

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