IMG_9530In the recent past, the agriculture company, GreenHouse Ventures(GHV) of Cameroon has made some bold claims and promises with respect to its works in agriculture. SisterSpeak237 spoke to Roland Fomundam, CEO of GHV, to find out what opportunities are available for especially women who may not have the land or intensive capital needed for profitable market gardening.
He said , the uniqueness about greenhouse farming is its ability to standardize agricultural processes to ensure desired results.
We found out, with greenhouse farming, any one from the ages of 13 years old can manage the farm. Growing crops in the greenhouse provides many ways to control almost every process involved from nursery, transplanting, weed management, disease prevention and control, pollination and harvest.
Mr Fomundam says “Greenhouse farming requires only small plots of land. Compared to outdoor farming, greenhouse farms will produce over 7X more than outdoor farm for the same crop type. This makes it possible to operate a home garden with maximum harvest. “
Woman preparing her greenhouse for cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbersUsing greenhouses for home or commercial use have proven to have tremendous benefits as users can grow excess for auto consumption and for markets. They can be used to grow a wide variety of produce and can last for up to 15years if well maintained. The company itself is putting in place models to ease accusation, effect its usage and guarantee results for any user.
In 2014, the company introduced the affordable greenhouse technology in Cameroon. Since then they have set up over 70 greenhouses farms for several participants who use it for research, auto-consumption and also commercialization of their harvests.

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