Femmes et Filles Fortes 2014 , song contest

Femmes et Filles Fortes 2014 , song contest

Amateur and professional musicians are invited to enter their songs for  “Femmes et Filles Fortes 2014” song contest . The contest is organized by the German Cooperation in Cameroon. The objective of this contest is to create songs to be used by the cooperation after the event “Femmes et Filles fortes 2014” for sensitization on  “Gender and HIV” mainstreaming.
The deadline for submission of application is scheduled for February 27  at 3:00 p.m. The date of the
acknowledgment of receipt delivered by the German Cooperation and the Goethe Institut will serve as the
valid date of submission and all applications being received after the above stated deadline will not be
considered for the contest.
The prizes to be attributed to the winners are as follows

  • 1st Prize: 500.000 CFA F
  • 2nd Prize: 300.000 CFA F
  • 3rd Prize : 200.000 CFA F

For more information on the regulations of the contest are available on request at the address
Download the song contest rules here : https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2t6tmnauJcCS2pwN1J0VG1CMDg/edit?pli=1

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